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    Pioneering Blockchain Analytics and AI

  • Why blockchain?

    Blockchain is set to revolutionize analytics, and the application of Artificial Intelligence to decision support in many domains including Supply Chain (traceability), Public Health, Smart Transportation systems, and more!

    Interactive Analytics

    Our unique blockchain framework combines secure blockchain technology, IoT data, on-chain analytics, as well as advanced VR and AR visualization.

    Blockchain Enabled Social Simulation

    Intellichain is an evidence based, participatory decision support platform with unique communication and knowledge translation capabilities created using blockchain technology

    Critically, this platform is by nature open source and open data in order to foster trust in the data and analytics.

    Convenient Analytics

    Analytics and simulations are carried out securely including provenance and auditability of data and results. A web interface can be used to interact with simulations taking place on the blockchain.

  • Intellichain Video

    Sample application: infectious disease dynamics within industrial agriculture context

    Video Description of Intellichain by its creator Marek Laskowski

    A demonstration of on-chain analytics: understanding disease spread dynamics within the context of an industrial farming setting.


    This is the end result of an Epidemiological (complex system) simulation implemented using artificial agents carried out on a blockchain. Virtual Reality is used to conveys through explicit storytelling the concept of a "super-spreader" who early on in the outbreak infects susceptible agents, who go on to infect others later in the outbreak. The result is auditable and the provenance of the intelligence provided is clear. Future extensions will allow multiple stakeholders to interact in real time, shaping the evolution of the AI model.

    Screenshot of VR Decision Table

    For full immersion, download the app! Fly around the table, get in close and feel right in the action!

    Instructions are available at the link below. Or have a look at the daydream controller in virtual space by moving your hand to your face. The touchpad causes you to move towards the direction you are pointing (or away from it depending on where you touch! )so be careful where you fly to.

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    For Daydream Enabled Android Devices Only, Running Nougat (7.0) or higher.


    Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Moto Z, Nexus 6P, and OnePlus 2

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  • Our Services

    We have the Distributed Ledger Technology and Analytics know-how to deliver true on-chain analytics and participatory decision support to your organization.


    Visualize Complex Social Systems Simulations (e.g. Agent Based Models) using our custom VR technology. Simulations can be performed on a blockchain, or more traditional compute environments such as grid, mesh, and cloud configurations.

    Modelling and Simulation

    Our software has encoded years of expertise in Data Science to implement a Data Analytics solution on-chain.


    Our interoperability layer enables you to seamlessly network with industry peers and beyond.


    Smart contracts and the immutability of the blockchain ensure that regulations are adhered to and auditable.

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